Planning Applications

Holmfield to Ladmanlow via Grinlow.

The appeal failed on two main grounds. Firstly the adverse effects on the residents adjoining the access, along with parking and traffic issues. Secondly on technical grounds the route could not be adequately conditioned because the site area was limited to the width of the path and did not include land that would compromise the site of 'cut and fill' works nor did it include land which included affected trees - in terms of root and crown spread.

Green Lane to Ladmanlow via Grinlow

This application is on hold mainly because Derbyshire Wildlife Trust have concerns about grassland within DCC ownership. We have explored all possible options to meet the concerns of DWT. However, no solution was completely satisfactory and we didn’t wish to compromise on our design specifications or the environment. Although mitigation was suggested by DWT this wasn’t acceptable to the landowner. We hope that the application fee is refunded if the application is withdrawn but are keeping our options open to find a way around the present difficulties at a future date.

Woo Dale

The application to the Peak District National Park Planning Authority was on hold because of concerns raised by Natural England. PDNPA had indicated their intention to cancel the application under statutory powers due to lack of progress but agreed to wait until a report commissioned by DCC (see right) on alternative routes was available.
We are hoping to get the fee returned.

Wye Dale

This is being considered by HPBC but is linked to Woo Dale. HPBC say that compensation/ mitigation measures are required in  connection with the impact the trail will have on a sensitive area and that compensation / mitigation is outside the application site and thus cannot be considered. If we do not withdraw the application it is likely to be cancelled and we won't get our fee back.

Haddon Estate

The application has been withdrawn to enable the Peak District Park Authority to submit their own application. Working with DCC they hope to have a more ambitious plan to span the river.

Who we are

white peak loop map

Peak Cycle Links is a local charity registered in November 2010 to promote, deliver and manage links to popular cycling and walking routes in the Peak District. In particular it is our ambition to create the 'White Peak Loop', a 60 mile traffic-free circuit, to connect the Monsal and High Peak trails, owned and maintained by the Peak District National Park, to Buxton and Matlock rail stations. Peak Cycle links has been actively involved in preparing and submitting planning applications.

We have four key aims:

See the Public Transport page for buses and trains to the White Peak Loop.

Where does the money come from?

Peak District National Park Authority undertook the construction of the trail through the now re-opened Monsal Tunnels with the benefit of central government grant. Financial support is still sought by PCL for the development and construction of key routes into Buxton and Matlock. Funds for surveys and planning applications have come from grants, donations and appeals to supporters. However, money is still needed to support route development, legal fees and running costs. We need regular contributions from supporters to finance our basic activities and without them we wouldn't exist to help create the White Peak Loop. Please support our efforts by clicking Donate

Just £3 per month will help with our basic running costs.

£10 per month will help with our path-finding activities.

£25 or more each month help us begin work on the trails.

Pathfinder partnership - If you are a business or supporter who would like to make a substantial donation or provide support in kind please contact us directly at


How to help us

There are several ways you can help us:

Please contact if you have a couple of hours spare and think you could help.

Supporters include residents, local businesses and visitors to the Peak District. There are several key partners without whose help things would have progressed at a slower pace. See here for more details.

Peak Cycle Links gratefully accepts all your support and will try to ensure that our links will leave a legacy that we can all truly be proud of. Subscribe as a supporter and we'll send you regular information, newsletters, details of social events and work parties.


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