Making the world a better place, one long-distance cycle route at a time.

Linking the Peak District's disused railway lines to the railway towns of Matlock and Buxton.

Our Purpose

To create links between the towns and the trails managed and maintained by the Peak District National Park Authority and Derbyshire County Council.

Our Vision

To create a 60 mile circular route, termed the ‘White Peak Loop’ between Buxton and Matlock rail stations

What drives us forward?

Reducing traffic Giving people an alternative to driving into the Peak District Providing an opportunity to cycle-commute to work and use bikes to access local amenities Delivering recognised health benefits Offering leisure activities for young people

Latest Developments

Peak Cycle Links (PCL) are delighted that the recent bid for funding to improve provision for cyclists and walkers, lead by Derbyshire County Council, was successful.

Latest Work



PEAK CYCLE LINKS is a local charity whose aim is to promote links to popular cycling and walking routes in the Peak District. One of its ambitions is to see the creation of the White Peak Loop, a 60 mile traffic-free circuit. The Park has been awarded £5.8 m by the Department of Transport to build cycle trails/paths. The funding is for several projects including the White Peak Loop to link the Monsal Trail and the Tissington Trail via Buxton and Matlock. This represents a significant investment in the High Peak and Peak District National Park The grant conditions require that the money is spent by the end of March 2015. Whilst some of the sectors of the White Peak Loop are still in the planning stage, a planning permission has already been granted for the sector between Ladmanlow via Staker Hill and Harpur Hill to the Axe Edge Road, near Earl Sterndale connecting through to the High Peak Trail. It is anticipated that construction will start later this year.

  • Reducing traffic

  • Giving people an alternative to driving into the Peak District

  • Providing an opportunity to cycle-commute to work and use bikes to access local amenities

  • Delivering recognised health benefits

  • Offering leisure activities for young people

White Peak Loop - Main Sections


40% Complete (success)


20% Complete

Monsall Trail

60% Complete (warning)

High Peak Trail

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40% Complete (success)


Gill Kent


Bikeability instructor and passionate road cyclist and mountain biker

Andrew Banks


Environmentalist and keen cyclist

Neil Pearsons

Supporters Secretary

Geophysicist, climber, runner and cyclist

"Peak Cycle Links got the ball rolling - they had the vision to see that people could access the High Peak by bike, horse or on foot - the car need not be king."

Neil Pearsons


What we do

Access for all

The National Park has popular cycling routes along the Tissington and High Peak Railways as well as on the Monsal Trail near to Bakewell. But it has long been frustrated by their not connecting through to Buxton and Matlock Stations.

Wildlife and Ecology

Greenways footpaths and cycling routes are important opportunities for making ways through the countryside for the public to enjoy and appreciate the landscape, the views, the vegetation, plants and wildlife. Encouraging more people to travel this way and less by car, is a significant contribution towards reducing pollution, CO2 emissions and the intrusion of traffic into quiet areas.

Why a cycle path?

From an environmental perspective the central purpose of this project is to create local areas of recreation close to Buxton, and to make it possible to enjoy the National Park and its environs, by arriving at Buxton station and continuing on by bicycle. When fully completed this project could be a popular and very significant example of an opportunity to bring about a reduction in the unbridled travel by car thereby reducing CO2 emissions and resource depletion.

Why Chose us?

Peak Cycle Links anticipates signing up a large number of supporters, both locally and from amongst all the visitors who will be using the new trails. Their support will find ongoing maintenance, as well as provide a roster of local voluntary rangers who will look after the paths on a daily basis as they walk or cycle along them. This will include any footpath sections for walkers as well as the main shared use route.

What's Happening?

News from Derbyshire County Council

White Peak Loop West - Buxton

Extending the northern end of High Peak Trail into Buxton

The proposal in the bid is to connect the top of the High Peak Tail into Buxton by using minor roads through Earl Sterndale and a new off-road section around Staker Hill to Harpur Hill. Plans are being drawn up for the route to be built during spring/summer 2015. Plans to continue the route through the Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL) site at Harpur Hill to connect Grin Low and Buxton Country Parks into Buxton are being reviewed in light of HSL's decision to not take part in the project.

Continuation of the western end of Monsal Trail at Blackwell Cottages into Buxton

This section was not formally included in the bid to be delivered on the ground but we made a commitment to pursue this link as a complementary project to ensure that, because of the sensitive nature of the proposed route through Woo Dale, the consultations and negotiations can be undertaken without the pressure of a deadline for delivery. The priority though is to progress the schemes that do need to be delivered so work on this section of the White Peak Loop is not expected to start until late 2015. There are some safety concerns relating to the extension of the Monsal Trail along the bridleway connecting Blackwell Cottages to Wyedale Car Park and the Peak District National Park Authority has let a contract for some improvement works which started on site in November 2014 and are due for completion by March 2015.

White Peak Loop East - Matlock

Connecting the eastern end of the Monsal Trail at Bakewell into Matlock

The proposal in the bid is to develop seven miles of new trail from Bakewell through the Haddon Estate, past Rowsley, following the course of the former railway as closely as possible into Matlock, which will include three new bridges over Park Lane, Church Lane and the A6 in the Rowsley area. Considerable support for this section of the route was expressed during a public consultation held at the end of August 2014. The consultation provided additional information about the proposed route and the plans can still be viewed via the link at the bottom of this page along with a summary of the consultation.

Planning applications were submitted to us for Phase l between Matlock and Darley Dale (reference CD3/1214/119) and Phase 3 between Church Road, Churchtown and Harrison Way, Northwood (reference CD3/1214/122) both during December 2014.

A further application for Phase 4 between Harrison Way and Old Station Close, Rowsley was submitted in early February 2015 (reference CD3/0215/142). Work is still progressing for the remaining sections of the route into Bakewell and other planning applications will follow in due course. A consultation to build a short shared cycle/pedestrian route on the A6 near the Arc Leisure Centre, Matlock to provide a link into the White Peak Loop is complete and work started on this at the beginning of February 2015.